20: Warrior Kid Podcast. Ask Uncle Jake

20: Warrior Kid Podcast. Ask Uncle Jake

By Jocko DEFCOR Network

1. The ideas for Warrior Kid.

2. Does Uncle Jake like dogs?

3. Can you workout too much?

4. Does Uncle Jake get tired of working out?

5. Uncle Jake's workout routine.

6. 3rd Kids book?

7. Dealing with rough bullies in Jiu Jitsu class.

8. How much protein to eat to be strong.

9. How to deal with your friends moving away.

10. Dealing with a hard school assignment.

11. Dealing with being overlooked in class by teacher.

12. When is the new kids book coming out?

13. More guests on the Warrior Kid Podcast.

14. Ways to earn money as a 9 year old.

15. Story from Uncle Jake.

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