The Slacker End of Year Awards

Phil Taggart’s Slacker Podcast

By Phil Taggart’s Slacker Podcast

The Slacker End of Year Awards

Drum Roll Please...

Step right up and get ready for the most pointless and irreverent end of year awards for all things music. Independent Journalist Roisin O'Connor and quill for hire Sam Wolfson join me to talk through some of the beautiful, bizarre and face palm moments of 2019.

Thanks for listening to the Slacker Podcast in 2018. Series 1 will be finishing in a few weeks and we will launch into Season 2 in March/April.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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The Slacker Club Night is going on tour in February. The Magic Gang will be headlining each night of the tour along with a super secret support and myself DJ'n. We are playing in

Feb 20th - Engine Rooms - Southampton

Feb 21st - Sub89 - Reading

Feb 22n - Dreamland - Margate

You can buy tickets here:

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