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Stories and Podcasting, Shannon Cason and Matt Marr

Stories and Podcasting, Shannon Cason and Matt Marr

By Podcast Movement

Shannon Cason is no stranger to the stage. He started rapping in Detroit and has enjoyed performing in front of crowds ever since . Now he performs in front of hundreds and is a Moth grand slam winner and can be heard on several podcasts including The Trouble on WBEZ as well as his own podcast, Homemade Stories.


Matt Marr grew up in Southern Oklahoma and has been called the Gay White Oprah. He has a masters in clinical psychology, does standup and improv as well as several podcasts including the Dear Mattie Show.


On the surface, they don’t seem to share much, Shannon and Matt share a love of storytelling. They have also put together successful podcasts and have come to Podcast Movement to impart what they have learned. 


This episode is a must listen for anyone who wants to start a podcast and want to increase their chance of succeeding.

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