Ludic Design - an Interview with William Gaver

Ludic Design - an Interview with William Gaver

By Gerry Gaffney

William Gaver is Professor of Design at Goldsmiths College, at the University of London.

He developed the 'cultural probe' user research technique. (We covered this in a previous podcast episode with John Murphy -

He also developed the 'drift table' and other items based around the concept of 'ludic' design.

In this interview, he talks about ludic design, and about systems that can help us while we 'find our own ways of leading meaningful lives'.

Sound quality, unfortunately, is not very good.

The book Bill mentions is Homo Ludens, by Johan Huizinga (

Bill also mentioned Andy Crabtree (

See the Interaction Research pages at Goldsmiths College (

The company that provided the aerial footage is getmapping (

Duration: 21:46
File size: 9.97MB

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