053-1: Be a Good Ancestor with Alan Cooper (Part I)

User Defenders – UX Design & Personal Growth

By Jason Ogle

053-1: Be a Good Ancestor with Alan Cooper (Part I)

Monday, 10 September

Alan Cooper teaches us what it means to be a good ancestor. He enlightens us to why it’s so hard to build good software. He reveals how money trumps good UX and ethics far too often. He explains why UX is not about finding the best location for a hamburger menu, but about solving the big problems that exist for the user and the business. He also inspires us to consider (and potentially redirect) the footprints we’re leaving now, for the generations to come.

There’s no such thing as UX Design? (8:13) Why do you put so much emphasis on Interaction Design? (24:41) How important are design patterns? (31:35) How do you build a product you can’t prove is valuable yet? (45:58) Why are there so many bad products in the world? (50:50)

Check out the detailed show notes including the transcript and Eli Jorgensen’s astonishing superhero artwork at userdefenders.com/053-1

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