043: Making New Designers with Laura Klein

User Defenders – UX Design & Personal Growth

By Jason Ogle

043: Making New Designers with Laura Klein

Monday, 2 October

Laura Klein shows us how User Experience happens whether we design it intentionally or not. She paints a picture of what the the future of UX Design looks like. She teaches us if we’re too close to a project, we ought to step back and let others do the research. She also uses a really effective medical analogy to remind us of the value of specialization.

Secret Identity (5:44) Origin Story (10:56) Where is Design Going? (16:04) Do Titles Matter? (24:50) It Just Works? (29:20) Is Everyone a Designer? (32:56) What Drew you to User Research? (39:16) Awkward Testing Story (44:44) Listener Question? (49:58) Habit of Success (55:42) Invincible Resource (59:24) Recommended Book (63:00) Best Advice (65:30) Contact Info (68:55)

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