035: Minding the Product Gap with Samuel Hulick

User Defenders – UX Design & Personal Growth

By Jason Ogle

035: Minding the Product Gap with Samuel Hulick

Monday, 12 June

Samuel Hulick shows us how to build bridges for our users. He motivates us to make sure that the effort put into building the software is not wasted in the onboarding experience. He also inspires us to stay curious, and always be learning. Secret Identity/Origin Story (5:04) Onboarding Defined (9:30) Biggest Superhero (16:08) Biggest Failure (17:00) Weirdest Teardown (32:00) Design Superpower (39:20) Design Kryptonite (41:24) Design Superhero Name (42:40) Habit Of Success (48:30) Invincible Resource (50:23) How Much Is Too Much (52:00) Best Advice (64:20)

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Samuel’s Professional Twitter
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