111: Choosing + Using a Word Of The Year with Sarah Bater

111: Choosing + Using a Word Of The Year with Sarah Bater

By Meg Kissack | The Rebel Rousers: Creativity, Inspiration & Dreamchasing


Hello Couragemakers, and welcome to the first interview of 2019!

This week I’m speaking with the fabulous Sarah Bater and we’re chatting all things word of the year related. Whether you’ve chosen your word, you’re still deciding like me or you have  no idea what I’m on about, this episode is for you!

This is how Sarah describes herself:

I’m a typical Gemini with a penchant for worrying needlessly but also having bursts of productivity that would have even the most efficient conveyer belt running for the hills. I have a whole ton of new ideas generating every day in my brain to ponder and worry over while I procrastinate with My favourite past times which include sniffing new books, nosing at houses for sale on the internet and most recently, pretending that I have my shit together. With a husband, two children, a full time job and a secret Netflix obsession, I am frantically striving to thrive whilst just about surviving. In amongst the madness is me. An ‘on the outside’ confident sometimes, ‘well put together’ working mum and loving wife but secretly, an introverted quickly approaching 40 year old with a thirst to find my true calling and a mad obsession to be a better wife and a less tired mother.

Sarah emailed me a while ago to tell me about her experience with choosing a word of the year. I related to so much of her journey and I just knew that she would make a brilliant guest for Couragemakers and I’m thrilled that she said yes when I asked her to be the first guest of 2019.

During our conversation, Sarah shares about her word of the year for 2018 and how much it has changed her life. She shares about her experience with anxiety and how her word of the year has helped her to breathe and be more present and how journalling and writing things down has made such a difference. This is such a practical episode and Sarah gives so much great advice on choosing a word of the year, how to get it to stick, what to do if you feel overwhelmed about your word of the year and the biggest things she learned in 2018.

If you’re looking for encouragement and inspiration, you are in the right place. I love how frank and honest Sarah is,  and how willing she is to let us all in to her behind-the-scenes to show just how much having a word of the year can change your life.

I am so excited to share this episode, and i know you are just going to LOVE Sarah!

Enjoy today’s show


Things We Talked About


How Sarah’s word of the year has helped her to look at things differently

Sarah’s experience of anxiety and how her word of the year has made a difference

Getting your word of the year to stick

The importance of journaling and writing things down 

Becoming more present and be able to breathe

The biggest things Sarah has learned from her word of the year

Advice if your word of the year feels overwhelming

How to pick your word of the year

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