234: Probing A Rebooted Roswell, New Mexico

Extra Hot Great

By Tara Ariano, Sarah D. Bunting, David T. Cole

234: Probing A Rebooted Roswell, New Mexico

Wednesday, 16 January

Yet another reboot of a '90s WB "classic" has hit the earth in Roswell, a "reimagining" of Roswell -- and we were very lucky that the TWoP recapper of that "fine" original, Dan Blau Rogge, could join us to wonder who the new version is for, why the consistent element among the two series had to be the crappish acting, and when the show will stop being quite so obvious about the double meaning of the word "alien." Next, we went Around The Dial with Fosters spinoff Good Trouble, Adam Ruins Everything, True D Season 3, and Project Blue Book before John "Pottsy" Potts tasked us with competing against each other on a reality show in an Extra Credit (and two of us...Nailed It!). Dan proposed Getting On with/for The Canon; a Korean Villainess won and an American music journo lost; and Tara Hammed it up in a non-regulation Game Time. Submit to our technicolor hands of healing with an all-new Extra Hot Great!


Roswell, New MexicoGood TroubleAdam Ruins EverythingTrue DetectiveProject Blue BookExtra CreditThe Canon: Getting On S03.E01: This Is About Vomit, PeopleWinner and Loser of the WeekGame Time: Ha Ha Hamms


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