SE4 EP02: Getting Earned Media and PR for Ecommerce w/ Adrian Salamunovic

SE4 EP02: Getting Earned Media and PR for Ecommerce w/ Adrian Salamunovic

By Kunle Campbell

Adrian Salamunovic is the founder of CanvasPop, which was bootstrapped to 8-figures using mostly earned media and PR. He is now an advisor to a good number of eCommerce companies and coaches them on how to use PR to grow their businesses.

He recently published a book about PR called FREE PR.
We go through a number of ways to generated PR for your online store:

Positioning: Position Value User High Concept Pitch - e.g. My company is the Uber for …. Define Target Market

Use Press Releases for...

Product Launches Announcements Evergreen Product Reviews

Remember that you are pitching a Peacock company NOT a pigeon.




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