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Episode 143: Richard Herring talks parenting, comedy, and bins

Episode 143: Richard Herring talks parenting, comedy, and bins

By Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn

What's been Richard Herring's favourite moment on stage? Why did he break up with Stewart Lee? And why is he looking forward to his own death? Answering all these questions is actual Richard Herring!

He talks about being an older dad and whether he wishes he'd had kids earlier. We ask his advice about being in a double act, and he tells us why he thinks women comedians are better at it. We mull over controversial topics like mowing the lawn and loading the dishwasher, and introduce a fascinating new section, Bin Chat.


There's just time for a new game, Did Our Husbands Really Do This?, before Richard shares his Scummy Mummy Confession and tries to remember the name of his own book.


It's called Emergency Questions - 1001 Conversation Savers for Every Occasion, by the way, and it's out now.


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