S1 E10. Where do babies come from? How deep is the river Thames? Why do ladybirds have spots? Ft special guest expert Marina Fogle.

Everything Under The Sun

By Molly Oldfield

S1 E10. Where do babies come from? How deep is the river Thames? Why do ladybirds have spots? Ft special guest expert Marina Fogle.

Friday, 25 January

In this week's show we answer three questions from Alessandra, Sophia and Isaac, with help from special guest expert Marina Fogle.

Alessandra would like to know the answer to a question we all ask at some point in our lives, which is, "Where do Babies Come from?" Parental Warning! In case you don't want your children to listen to this answer. As this can be quite a tricky one to know how to answer well for children I asked Marina Fogle, host of the top parenting podcast The Parent Hood and creator of The Bump Class, an antenatal class she runs with her sister Chiara Hunt, who is a top doctor who knows all about children. Marina knows everything about babies and is the perfect person to explain the answer to this question all children ask. If you feel your child isn't ready to listen to this one, do skip over and carry on from question two, but if they're asking you about babies or you have already had a conversation about it then this could be perfect! Much better than finding out from a book like so many parents did!

Our second question comes from Sophia, she would like to know how deep the River Thames is, find out about the different depths of the river, about the times when the Thames froze over and Frost Fairs were held on the ice and also about some islands in the Thames, home to sheep and scorpions!

The third question this week is from Isaac who would like to know why ladybirds have spots, so listen in to find out all about these beetles - where they got their name, their special wings, why they have spots and about the yellow liquid called reflex blood they make on their legs to scare away birds and other creatures that might want to gobble them up!

You can also find out who won tickets to The Science Museum's show, The Sun, Living with Our Star.

PLUS I have a new book coming out called Natural Wonders of the World filled with the most wonderful places on planet earth. If you would like to be the first kid in the world to read the book, there's a competition to win a copy in this week's show! It's very easy and fun to enter, you just have to do a great impression of a bird - find out which one in this week's show - and send it into me. The book doesn't come out until Feb 7th so you really will be the first child in the world to read it, if you win! So do enter the competition.

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