Vialucci Podcast #25  with Andrew, Theo and Shani

Vialucci Podcast #25 with Andrew, Theo and Shani

By The Vialucci Podcast - UNcensored Conversations

Vialucci Podcast Episode #25 Theo, Andrew and Shani.Today the hosts get together and discuss people who get frisky in public (#Lord of the Rings), 30 hour plane flights, M. Night Shyamalan movies, THEO going to the Imax Cinema, SHANI going to the Theatre, ANDREW going on another first date and for the very first time we get to hear the production team speak. All that and more you lucky, lucky listeners! Watch, Listen and Follow on...YouTubePeriscopeTwitterFacebookI-TunesSoundcloudStitcher.@VialucciMediaRecorded in London.Audio & Visual Production by Kerem Isik and Patrick Kinahan

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