"Do you like a little tickle and a fiddle?

Loose Lips

By Jorgie Porter & Sharon Carpenter

"Do you like a little tickle and a fiddle?

Monday, 4 February

Warning: This podcast contains strong opinions, rants, words and complete and utter honesty.

After a couple of weeks pre-recording, we're BACK....in Lu's cinema....again. But we have one hell of an episode for you. We catch up on Lu's trip to LA, potty training (including a heroic rescue from Anna), Anna tells an incredible story from her mate Helen, Luisa is questioning hamsters, AND we're helping listener 'Prue'.

PLUS, Russel Brand hates ticklers, Lu launches pioings, smegma makes a show on telly and people have no shame.

We end on quite a contentious rant of the week - do let us know your thoughts.

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