SE4 EP05: Do NOT Dropship - Do This Instead w/ Jason Macek, DollarFulfilment

SE4 EP05: Do NOT Dropship - Do This Instead w/ Jason Macek, DollarFulfilment

By Kunle Campbell

On this episode, we talk about the next obvious step to take after finding a successful product from drop shipping testing.
How to your transition from the limitations of the drop shipping business model?

I am joined by the founder of an Idaho based fulfilment company called DollarFulfilment, which largely caters to businesses that were previous drop shippers but now looking for more reliable domestic and international fulfilment.

Here’s a summary of some important talking points over the call.

The most efficient way to transition your dropshipping is to choose the right products. For low margin products, source products that weight less than 1lb and not too big - this ensures freight shipping. For higher margin products, you are able to source for heavier products but be careful about volume Air freight is the most efficient way of getting your products out of China - it will take 3-5 days to clear and arrive the US Shipping if done properly will typically take 3 weeks to clear and deliver to a U.S. warehouse Majority of DollarFulfilment’s clients are either recovering dropshippers DollarFulfilment’s clients also use drop shipping to test products and then transition as quickly as possible to fulfilling domestically 25% of DollarFulfilment’s fulfilment are international DollarFulfilment charges a flat rate $1 fee for fulfilling products for ecommerce businesses.





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