A Pirate's Life for Me, with The Victoria & Albert Museum of Childhood

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By Molly Oldfield

A Pirate's Life for Me, with The Victoria & Albert Museum of Childhood

Friday, 8 February

Ahoy Me Hearties! Shiver Me Timbers! Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum! This week's Pirates episode comes from The Victoria & Albert Museum of Childhood and Globe Primary School in London. The V & A Museum of Childhood have a free show on at the moment called A Pirates Life For Me! So I've made a special show with them all about pirates, with questions from the local school children who helped create the show and answers from Will Newton who is a curator at the museum and made the pirates exhibition!

Our first question is from Adam who likes mind boggling things involving maths - he would like to know whether pirates would make good politicians? Next Maryama and Torbin would like to know why pirates drank rum? Jayana would like to know how pirates got their own language? And finally Shiva asks whether pirates wore pants?

Find out about how pirates ran a ship and elected a captain, discover Sir Walter Raleigh, one of the most famous pirates ever who was in the group called The Sea Dogs - he had lot of power during Queen Elizabeth I's reign and would have made a good politician. Until he was executed! You'll discover rum was a kind of treasure for pirates, as was food, clothes and spices - anything valuable really. Found out whether pirates really had treasure maps. Did X really mark the spot? Did they really make people walk the plank? How did pirates talk? Did they really say 'Arrrrrr.....', 'Shiver Me Timbers' and 'Yo Ho Ho!'? When is International Talk Like Pirates day? Come sail the seas with us and enjoy this jolly pirates special!

You'll hear who won a special copy of my new book NATURAL WONDERS OF THE WORLD, out THIS WEEK! So exciting! I hope you will all love the book. It is filled with the most wonderful places on our planet earth, you'll find caves filled with crystals and glow worms, monarch butterflies, birds of paradise, ancient rainforests, giant trees, strange animals called tenrecs, lemurs, aye-ayes, cherry blossom in Japan, and the most electric place on earth! Listen to children's baby dinosaur impressions sent into the show to enter the competition, plus find out what THIS WEEK'S COMPETITION is for another chance to win a copy of Natural Wonders of the World.

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The V & A Museum of Childhood's show A Pirate's Life for Me - https://www.vam.ac.uk/moc/exhibitions/a-pirates-life-for-me/

With thanks to Will Newton, Catie Poust at The V and A, Gill and Globe Primary School, Wren & Rook, Tyler Simmons Dale, Ash Gardner, Audio Networks, Billy Colours, all the children who sent in questions and all the baby dinosaurs! : )

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