Bardstown - Revisited (Part Three: Crystal Rogers)

Bardstown - Revisited (Part Three: Crystal Rogers)

By Unresolved Productions

On July 3rd, 2015, Crystal Rogers was last seen by anyone. She had been planning to spend the evening with her boyfriend, Brooks Houck, and had excitingly told a friend about finally enjoying a child-free night.

Crystal, a mother of five, had been dating Brooks for a few years. The two had one child together (an infant son named Eli), and even though their relationship wasn't perfect, it seemed okay from the outside looking in.

When Crystal's maroon Chevy Impala was found along the Bluegrass Parkway two days later, Crystal was reporting missing. Her disappearance would spark the third major criminal investigation in as many years, and - to this day - Crystal's whereabouts remain unknown.

This is the third part of a new Unresolved series, Bardstown - Revisited. I originally covered Crystal's story back in February of 2016, but have expanded upon it significantly, and have rewritten/rerecording everything.

Written, hosted, and produced by Micheal Whelan

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Music Credits

Joao Picoito - "Third Floor"

Rest You Sleeping Giant - "Dead Waters"

ROZKOL - "Last Train in the Station"

Graham Bole - "Nae Shaam"

Borrtex - "Going Undercover"

Blear Moon - "Cold Summer Landscape"

Parvus Decree - "Subway Reflections"

ROZKOL - "Spiders Web"

Borrtex - "There Is Always A Reason"

Kai Engel - "Soli"

ROZKOL - "Burn It All Down"

Other music created and composed by Ailsa Traves

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