95: How to Get Out of Your Own Way with Todd Herman

Kwik Brain with Jim Kwik

By Jim Kwik, Your Brain Coach, Founder www.KwikLearning.com

95: How to Get Out of Your Own Way with Todd Herman

Monday, 18 February

How do you get out of your own way so you can accomplish your goals and make your dreams come true?

I’m excited to bring this conversation to you today because Todd Herman is a real high-performance coach. He’s a game-changing expert, a strategist, and works with some of the elite individuals from corporate America and athletes.

His new book, Alter Ego Effect, talks about a phenomenon of using your imagination to try on new characters to get you in different emotions and mental states that will bring you the results you desire.

Tune in as he shares how you can activate your alter egos to get things done.

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