Episode 145: Sex, relationships, and having a third child with Steph Douglas

Episode 145: Sex, relationships, and having a third child with Steph Douglas

By Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn

The Scummy Mummies Podcast

Monday, 5 October

CLASSIC EPISODE! Due to popular demand we re-releasing this classic Scummy Mummies Podcast with the very funny and talented Steph Douglas. We tackle a range of topics including sex and relationships and why it is important to send WhatsApp messages to get your partner's juices flowing. This was recorded back in early 2019 when we could all still touch each other, good times. ENJOY!

Original podcast description:

How important is sex to a good relationship? Why do we sometimes need to pull up the drawbridge? And what are the best and worst bits of having a third child? Answering all these questions is Steph Douglas, Instagram sensation and founder of Don't Buy Her Flowers!


She tells us what effect becoming outnumbered has had on her marriage, and why her husband described her third pregnancy as being a bit like Brexit. We talk about the biggest shock that comes with having a new baby, and how counselling can help with the rough patches.


Then it's time for some filthy shagging chat. Helen explains how she likes it "good style", and Steph reveals the perils of erotic WhatsApp chat.


If you don't want to buy someone flowers, go to dontbuyherflowers.com. You can follow Steph on Instagram @steph_dontbuyherflowers.


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