View from the Gwladys Street: The Everton identity crisis and can it be fixed?

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View from the Gwladys Street: The Everton identity crisis and can it be fixed?

Thursday, 21 February

This week’s fan show is slightly later than normal, but as they say, better late than never. The latest View from the Gwladys Street sees the return of Rob Astell, Connor Bennett and Connor O’Neill with your host, Ian Croll.

The lads are in good spirits for this week’s show. That’s what a break from Everton will do for you. With Everton currently in the middle of an enforced 17 day break, you’d think there would be little to talk about.

Cardiff City are set to host the Blues on Tuesday in what is a must not lose encounter. The lads preview the fixture, have their say on who must play and of course, give their predictions.

That segment is brief however with the focus throughout the show on Everton’s identity. Have we lost it? When did we lose it? Do we even need one? There’s plenty of debate and discussion on this one.

The topic of Everton’s potential new stadium and those leaked images also makes an appearance. The lads give their opinion on the designs and whether Everton can deliver.

The show touches on what is the most effective way to spend this current break. A warm weather training camp or are the answers to be found closer to home at Finch Farm? The podcast finishes off as always with the fan questions. A question not to be missed comes all the way from New Zealand. Listen out for it – it’s a cracker.

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