Where Do Ideas Come From? A World Book Day special with writer Abi Elphinstone & writer and illustrator Rob Biddulph.

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By Molly Oldfield

Where Do Ideas Come From? A World Book Day special with writer Abi Elphinstone & writer and illustrator Rob Biddulph.

Thursday, 7 March

It’s World Book Day! To celebrate, this week we've got three answers to a great question, from Bonnie, which is...

‘Where do Ideas Come From?’


Our first answer is from children’s book writer Abi Elphinstone. Abi is a 2019 World Book Day author and you can get her new book, Everdark on World Book Day with your WBD tokens! She talks about how adventures, daydreaming and looking at the sky out of her writing shed inspired her big ideas and tells us about how she came up with the stories and characters in Everdark.

There's also a chance to win a very special copy of Everdark, signed by Abi and with a message in it just for you! To find out how to WIN this fab copy of the brilliant book with a note from Abi have a listen to the show.


Next up is Rob Biddulph, a writer and the official World Book Day illustrator. If you look at your World Book Day tokens, or posters at school, or in the library and local bookshops you’ll see Rob’s colourful drawings of bookmarks all over them. Rob answers Bonnie’s question too, but because everyone creates differently he has other ways that ideas come to him. Rob says ideas come to him all the time in all kinds of different places, so he thinks its really important to but make a note of ideas, as soon as they arrive so they don’t disappear and get forgotten! Rob tells us the story of how his daughter Kitty's imaginary friend Kevin gave him the idea for one of his first picture books!


Find out how Roald Dahl wrote ideas in his ‘Masterpiece’ notebooks and where those notebooks are now, how his wonderful children’s book The BFG began as well as how Matilda started.


You’ll also find out where the idea to start this very podcast came from, and how it took lots of friends to help make it a real. Friends, lots of hard work, and a sprinkling of magic! 


Happy World Book Day everyone! 


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