Hoovering - Episode 57: Kayleigh Llewellyn


By Jessica Fostekew

Hoovering - Episode 57: Kayleigh Llewellyn

Welcome to HOOVERING, the podcast about eating. Host, Jessica Fostekew (Guilty Feminist, Motherland) has a frank conversation with an interesting person about gobbling; guzzling; nibbling; scoffing; devouring and wolfing all up… or if you will, hoovering.

This week’s episode was recorded a few months ago but I’ve sat on it until I could announce some of my guest, Kayleigh Llewellyn’s excellent news that her pilot, ‘In Our Skin’ has been really well received and it’s looking very hopeful they’ll be shooting a full series later this year. 

Kayleigh’s ace. I get lessons in booze and we taken apart everything from exercise to sandwich spread.

Everything written below in CAPITALS is a link to the relevant webpage. 

Tickets to see Hoovering LIVE in 2019

30th MARCH - GLASGOW International Comedy Festival  - Guests: Susan Calman, Jean Johanssen and local food scene superstar Julie Macleod.

4th MAY - MACHYNLLETH Festival - Guests: Kiri Prichard-Maclean, Jess Hope-Jones and someone, probably with just one name, being announced soon

26th MAY - WELLS Comedy Festival - Guests are incredible and being announced super soon

9th JUNE - UNDERBELLY Festival Southbank - Guests are Sara Pascoe, Tom Allen and Liam Charles (off of Bake Off and ‘Liam Bakes,)


Kayleigh made us a Deliciously Ella PUMPKIN PIE and I made us a vegan Banana Chocolate Loaf which I got out of Lucy Watson’s FEED ME VEGAN

Honourable Mentions

So Kayleigh has written an incredible TV drama for the BBC called ‘IN OUR SKIN’ - click on the title to see the brilliant pilot now.

We are a little bit rude about Sainsbury’s VEGAN MINCE and BOUNTY BARS and I’m pretty straight up cold about TOFURKY.

We nostagle about SANDWICH SPREAD and less so about BEEF PASTE.

We rave, however about Ben & Jerry’s vegan PEANUT BUTTER &...

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Hoovering - Episode 57: Kayleigh Llewellyn
Hoovering - Episode 57: Kayleigh Llewellyn