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30 DRUNK WOMEN LIVE - with Hannah Witton

30 DRUNK WOMEN LIVE - with Hannah Witton

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Recorded as part of The Vaults Festival for International Women's Day 2019, The Drunk Women were joined by author, YouTuber and sex educator Hannah Witton.

As it was IWD, the team crack the case of a Countess, whose gory beauty routine gives a whole new meaning to 'blood thirsty' ... no one tell Gwyneth Paltrow!

Detective Witton proves herself to be not only a brilliant sleuth, but slippery when pursued by an assailant, the international crowd lend some much needed expertise in pronunciations and we debate the ways a person can be sown onto a horse.

Many thanks to Child.Org and Team Mum for a great night - you can still donate at:

And thank you so much to Hannah Witton for being a tremendous guest:

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