Robert Levinson

Robert Levinson

By Unresolved Productions

For more than two decades, Robert Levinson served as a law enforcement agent specializing in money laundering and other financial crimes. Originally a member of the DEA, Levinson took his talents to the FBI, where he developed a reputation as a man who could develop informants like no other.

In 1998, Levinson retired to chase money in the private sector, but within a decade was right back in the thick of things. Recruited by some former colleagues in the CIA, Levinson was brought in to do what he did best: make connections and harvest information.

Approaching the typical age of retirement, Levinson finally had his dream job. He had virtually no rules, and could act as his own boss. However, he soon set his sights on the largest target of his professional career: a potential informant in Iran - the "black hole" of American intelligence. Unfortunately, this would prove too much of a challenge for Levinson, and he has been missing for more than a decade...

Written, hosted, and produced by Micheal Whelan

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