Baby Loss with Caro Greenwood

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Baby Loss with Caro Greenwood

Monday, 18 March

This week, it's a bit of a different episode for Made by Mammas: The Podcast. We're covering the sensitive and highly emotive topic of baby loss. Caro Greenwood is a mum of 4, raiser of 3, wife of former-England rugby player Will Greenwood and runs her blog 'Spikeymama'. She kindly came in to share her story with us.

Caro talks to Zoe and Georgia about losing her baby, Freddie, after going into spontaneous labour at 22 weeks and the circumstances and emotions around what happened. She speaks about how she began living again afterwards, learning what she could cope with day-to-day, and gives advice on what to say and what not to say to someone going through baby loss. Plus, a happier end to the story.

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