How I Do My Skincare & Makeup - Fall 2018

How I Do My Skincare & Makeup - Fall 2018

By Maria Hatzistefanis

I get asked all the time about my skin and makeup routines and decided to record a bonus episode on my step by step routines and tips. You get all my skincare and makeup routines for morning, evening, gym, office, red carpet events, travel and street style shoots.

Join me on this journey and please leave a review and a comment so we can share the positive vibes with all the boss babes out there! Feel free to leave me a comment @mrsrodial on any topics you want me to cover in future episodes.

Thank you for listening and enjoy the ride!



Skin and Makeup Routine (all from Rodial and NIP+FAB) and

Morning Routine

Bee Venom Cleansing Balm

Pink Diamond Cleansing Balm

Dragons Blood SPF 15 Moisturiser

Dragons Blood Essence

30% Collagen Booster

Gym makeup

Concealer 30

XXL Glamolash Mascara

Suede Lips Calabasas + Into You

Day Makeup (add on Gym makeup)

Skin Tint Hamptons + St Barths

ICONS palette

Banana Powder

Blush in Copacabana + South Beach

Smokey eye pen Brown

Office Touch ups

Collagen Lip Laquers

Rose Gold Hand Cream

Translucent HD Powder

After Work skin

NIP+FAB kale cleansing pads

NIP+FAB extreme exfoliating pads

Bee Venom Moisturiser

Evening skin

Pink Diamond Cleansing Balm

VIT C brightening mask

Retinol 10% booster

Rose Gold Lip Balm

Red Carpet Event

Pink Diamond Lifting and Iluminating mask

VIT C brightening Cleanser

NIP+FAB extreme exfoliating pads

VIT C brightening mask

Rose Gold Moisturiser

Flight skin

Dragons Blood Eye masks

Bee Venom Serum

Rose Gold Serum

Dragons Blood Hyaluronic Mask

Street Style face

Rose Gold Deep Line Filler

Suede Lips

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