1 Ketchup Sandwiches, Lucy's Coat Crime & Mark Dolan Goes Rogue

1 Ketchup Sandwiches, Lucy's Coat Crime & Mark Dolan Goes Rogue

By Mumsnet


In the first episode of Am I Being Unreasonable? Lucy and Aasmah confess some questionable culinary habits off the back of a thread discussing ' what is the one thing you can eat on its own, even though others find it repulsive?'  ... did someone say onion on Rivita? 

One brilliant forum user talks about mourning the loss of her 20-year-old lady shave and Lucy describes

a coat she has owned for 30 years and NEVER worn ... although in Aasmah's opinion the garment is a crime against clothing. If enough people ask in the comments, we will get Lucy to wear the offending article for a whole day. 

Plus, comedian and all-round good guy Mark Dolan provides some definitive answers to burning AIBU? threads,

whilst spilling the beans on how men get away with not doing their share of the housework and putting us all off en suit bathrooms forever... just don't ask him to move a skeleton for you. 

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