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1 Am I Being Unreasonable? - COMING SOON!

1 Am I Being Unreasonable? - COMING SOON!

By Mumsnet

Mumsnet’s hit forum Am I Being Unreasonable? is spreading its wings with the release of a new podcast hosted by Lucy Porter and Aasmah Mir.

AIBU? podcast takes inspiration from AIBU?’s trademark mix of social dilemmas, intensive discussion about how often to change your bra, and disagreement for the sake of it, each episode features Lucy and Aasmah discussing posts from the AIBU? board and attempting to come to sensible conclusions - with celebrity guests joining-in to pass judgement on a series of quickfire AIBU?s.

Famous for its self-effacing tone, Am I Being Unreasonable? is Mumsnet’s most popular talk forum. Regular themes include bridezillas, bad parking, how many toddlers in a cafe is too many toddlers in a cafe, and whether or not to leave your husband because of how he stacks the dishwasher. 

And now the forum and it's wonderful users are celebrated in podcast form every fortnight with the AIBU Podcast, in association with Silent Pool Gin ... sounds more than reasonable to us!

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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