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It's the Moist Wonderful Time of the Year

It's the Moist Wonderful Time of the Year

By Hotbed Collective

Why do women have such rubbish words to describe their sex drive, rude bits and nice things that can be done to us? We talk to poet Hollie McNish about why sexy words are often super-cringe and what we can do about it (Oxford English Dictionary, are you listening?). We also talk about the orgasm gap, how only 20% of women can orgasm via intercourse alone, and how to have a coregasm (it’s a real thing, ask Hollie and Lisa!). We leave you over the festive break with a test to write a sexy poem (or limerick!) for us. Co-hosted by Anniki Sommerville and Lisa Williams. Produced by Alex Graham. Recorded at Acast London and Anniki’s house. Thank you to Ayoub Hachoumi at Acast, and to all our amazing listeners!

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