Dr Karen, Dr Karen, Dr Karen

Dr Karen, Dr Karen, Dr Karen

By Hotbed Collective

Sex doctor Dr Karen Gurney is in the house to give us a load of tips in this bumper episode. How can women get the horn more easily? And how can men feel less inadequate? Is ‘date night’ a good idea? Dr Karen, Lisa Williams and Anniki Sommerville also discuss Naked Attraction, snogging in public and fancying dads in the playground. They also answer some listener questions and set a relationship exercise to try at home. Let us know how you get on... Recorded at Acast in Shoreditch, London. Produced by Lisa Williams and Alex Graham. Show sponsor: Not Aesop, even though we would have liked it to be.

Links to what we talked about:

Dr Karen Gurney at the Havelock Clinic

The TV show Naked Attraction

Orgasm inequality statistics (via the Independent)

Natsal survey: 34% of women experience problems with desire (via the BBC)

Anniki’s dads-in-the-playground lust (via The Hotbed Collective)

Is it ok to objectify men? (via The Hotbed Collective)

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