The Most Exhilarating Sex of My Life

The Most Exhilarating Sex of My Life

By Hotbed Collective

Pregnancy sex, birth injury and being a MILF: all in a day’s work for the Hotbed Collective, this week made up of Lisa Williams, Anniki Sommerville and guest host Remi Sade. They also work out all the things they don’t feel guilty about, and talk to The No-Guilt Pregnancy Plan author Rebecca Schiller about how women can empower themselves for pregnancy and birth, and what to do if their birth has knocked the confidence out of them. Recorded at Acast. Produced by Lisa Williams and Alex Graham. Studio support by Ayoub and Joel at Acast. Special thanks to Cherry Healey.

Articles we talk about during the show:

Sex in pregnancy (via NHS)Video: Sex during pregnancy (via NHS)Make Birth Better (birth trauma resources)

This is Remi's blog Books, Baby and Back

This is the Birthrights website

And this is where you can buy Your No Guilt Pregnancy Plan

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