32 Hannah Dunleavy, Big Bertha & Where There's Smoke...

32 Hannah Dunleavy, Big Bertha & Where There's Smoke...

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

Drunk Women Solving Crime

Wednesday, 27 March

Podcaster, articulate drinker & whiskey fiend Hannah Dunleavy cheated on her 'Standard Issue' chums to help the Drunk Women solve a crime of epic proportions. At least, the size of the perpetrator was epic according to history, hence the name 'Big Bertha,’ who had a silver tongue when it came to getting people to buy whatever she was selling, regardless of whether it was hers to sell in the first place. Guest Hannah also tells a tale of her own in which she got to use some questionable self-defense tactics taught to her by her dad and this week's listener crime sets the team's sleuthing skills a-blaze!

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