Love & Educate The Old School Way with Akbar Cook

Love & Educate The Old School Way with Akbar Cook

By Shari Teigman

Today’s guests helps inner city kids change their view of possibility...and he started with Friday night hang outs and clean clothes.

Akbar and I spoke about:

How to educate with love and create relationships to move forward in life What change is possible even for kids who have never even known safety and security through vision and action Labels mean nothing- the sky is the limit when you have the right support

Principal at West Side High School in Newark, NJ, Akbar Cook has worked to increase attendance and end violence within his community. He realized that students were missing school roughly 3 times a week because they were being made fun of for not having clean clothes. In response, he transformed the school’s locker room into a laundromat for students to clean their clothes for free, and attendance has increased. Additionally, due to violence in their community and the desire to keep his students or his “babies” as he likes to call them out of trouble, Akbar Cook created an after-school program that works to keep students off the street, encourage studying, and overall gives them a place free of violence.

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