Finding Your Summit with Mark Pattison

Finding Your Summit with Mark Pattison

By Shari Teigman

Today’s Maverick is Mark Pattison, an amazing guy who takes challenge upon challenge to grow himself.


Becoming the FIRST NFL player to climb the Seven Summits, Mark played in the NFL for the Raiders, Rams and Saints and is a vested member of the NFL Players Association.


He is the Co-Founder of Venture Backed Front Porch Classics, a Seattle gaming

company which was seen in over 700 retail locations and 7 countries with an exit and is now

now the CEO of the and host of his own podcast with the same name.


Mark is a member of Super Bowl Champion Chris Long’s team to raise money and awareness by building water wells for the people in Tanzania.


Mark is an expert as a change agent for accomplishment.


We spoke about how growth and acceptance can change the trajectory of your life and what it truly means to take your life back in your own hands, even through fear and doubt to create an extraordinary future.


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