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Bonus Episode Part 1

Bonus Episode Part 1

By Red Apple Creative

The release of season two is just around the corner and Norris and Parker’s Soho Theatre run of their Edinburgh Fringe show 'Burn the Witch' hits the theatre February 19th - 23rd.

This episode of Norris & Parker’s Sketch Therapy is a bonus two-parter.

You’ll hear about what to expect in ‘Burn the Witch’, a look back on season one of Sketch Therapy and Katie's recent trip to the doctors.

Use the code SEXWITCH for £10 tickets on the Wednesday and Thursday.

Explicit language and mature themes.



Buy tickets for Norris and Parker's Soho show, Burn the Witch here.


Opening/Closing Music by Wyles and Simpson


Produced by Red Apple Creative

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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