Which animals are the best Mummys? What is paint made of? Why are tortoises green and brown?

Everything Under The Sun

By Molly Oldfield

Which animals are the best Mummys? What is paint made of? Why are tortoises green and brown?

Friday, 29 March

Animal mums! Paints! Colourful creatures! This colourful episode of Everything Under The Sun has three lovely questions!


Since it’s almost Mother’s Day our first question is about Mums, it comes from Lara who wants to “Which animals make the best Mummy?”  Well there are LOTS of great Mummy’s in the animal kingdom. Find out about orang-utan Mums, gorillas, polar bears, koalas and all the other great animal mums! 

Next up, in case you’re busy drawing cards and pictures for someone special on Mothering Sunday we have a question from Martha who would like to know what paints are made of? This week our brilliant expert is Isabel Lamb of The Little Grand Tour, a brilliant company that takes children to see all the best paintings in museums and galleries in London and Italy. She tells us all about the interesting things in paints, from egg yolk, to poison to sea snail poo!

Our third question is also about colour and comes from Chloe who would like to know “Why are tortoises green and brown?” Find out about tortoise camouflage and other ways tortoises protect themselves, using their mouths, claws, and shells and burrowing holes! Also do you know the difference between a turtle and a tortoise? Find out why tortoises are in fact turtles! But not all turtles are tortoises. 

I hope you enjoy the show and have a lovely weekend! 

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