Marié Digby

Marié Digby

By Kate McGill

My guest today is none other than Marié Digby! I remember stumbling across her cover of Umbrella by Rihanna when I was 17 years old. That&aposs a long time ago, team. I couldn&apost get over the insane talent and beauty she has - and I still can&apost, to be honest. Knowing her now and as a friend as well is just a huge treat. She has over 133 MILLION video views on YouTube and to this day makes the most wonderful music over on her Patreon page. Go and check her out - you won&apost be disappointed. Hope you guys love this episode as much I enjoyed talking to her.

Today we dive into social media addiction, bullying and not &aposfitting in&apos, religious schools, how she found her voice, record labels and much more. She has some wild stories you don&apost wanna miss... trust me.

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