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4 Will James Acaster Help Plan Your Wedding?

4 Will James Acaster Help Plan Your Wedding?

By Mumsnet

In this episode; Lucy and Aasmah empathise with parents whose children ask the kind of questions that leave us speechless. From an interrogation about pin the tail on the donkey, to a request to actually see how babies are made, - you'll be laughing and cringing all at once. 

A thread about ridiculous rules at work made Lucy's blood boil and it just goes to show that the vast number of bosses shouldn't be in charge of other humans. 

Also, comedian and Bake Off maverick James Acaster gives his answer to the hottest questions as he takes up the mantle of A-List Adjudicator of the week - just don't ask him to help plan your wedding. 

This episode probably isn't appropriate for children, as there's a bit of fruity content and language - so maybe not for the school run! 

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