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AI and Health

AI and Health

By Nesta

The 20th century saw huge leaps forward in life expectancy through innovations such as the NHS, major advances in drugs, and massive changes in lifestyle.

In the 21st century, digital tech is set to take its place amongst these as the new force for improving our wellbeing and delivering healthcare. Artificial intelligence, algorithms offer the prospect of personalised care, better diagnosis, improved access to treatment and prediction of health problems. But at what cost to our privacy, our sense of being in control of our own health decisions and our relationships with those professionals that care for us?

Joining Nesta’s Nigel Campbell to discuss this are

Ivana Bartolleti, privacy and data protection professional and Chair of the Fabian Women's Network, who has written about the risks of AI in health Sinead Mac Manus, Senior Programme Manager for Digital Health in Nesta's Health Lab

We also hear from Phil Keating about GoodSAM, an app that enables off-duty doctors, nurses, paramedics and other members of the emergency services to support those experiencing medical emergencies. GoodSAM includes a built in crowd-sourced defibrillator registry that allows those with first aid skills to offer life-saving support at the point of need.

Future Curious is a Chalk & Blade production. Produced by Ruth Barnes, Laura Sheeter and Lily Ames. Original music by Ged Flood.

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