Why Do We Only See One Side of The Moon? Why do Planets Have Cores? Why do Parrotfish sleep in Bubbles made of Snot?

Everything Under The Sun

By Molly Oldfield

Why Do We Only See One Side of The Moon? Why do Planets Have Cores? Why do Parrotfish sleep in Bubbles made of Snot?

Friday, 5 April

Spheres! Round things! The Moon! Bubbles! Planets! This week’s perfectly circular, spherical, round show is all about things of similar shapes. As usual we’re answering brilliant questions from children. This week we have Dotty, Ahmed and Evelyn, they would like to know:

Why do we only see one side of the moon?

Why do planets have cores?

Why do parrotfish sleep in bubbles made of snot? 

To find about the moon I turned to Doug at the Science Museum in London. Find out why we only see one side of the moon, how MUCH of the moon we can see – it isn’t half! Plus, find out how big the moon and earth would be if they were scaled down to the size of balls. Discover things about Buzz Aldrin’s name and find out where Neil Armstrong’s boots that took One Small Step or One Giant Leap onto the moon are now. 

Our second expert is Brother Guy Consolmagno who is the director of the Vatican Observatory, I met him outside of Rome at the Pope’s summer home and he showed me the Pope’s collection of meteorites and pieces of the planet Mars! So he’s the perfect person to answer Ahmed’s question. 

Last up we have bubbles! Find out why parrotfish make snotty bubbles to sleep in, how they make them and what they’re useful for. Plus discover what lovely sand beaches in the Maldives are made of – parrotfish poop!

I hope you enjoy the show!

I’ll be back next week answering more questions from children around the world in another episode of EUTS. Do send in your questions, there’s info about how to do that on the show’s website, everythingunderthesun.co.uk. 

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