SE4 EP17: Reverse engineer Entire Supply Chains On Amazon - w/ Greg Mercer - Jungle Scout

SE4 EP17: Reverse engineer Entire Supply Chains On Amazon - w/ Greg Mercer - Jungle Scout

By Kunle Campbell

On this episode, I interview Greg Mercer, the founder of Jungle Scout, which is a data analytics tool used to reverse engineer Amazon businesses.    100 Fortune 500 companies use JungleScout and it has created 100s if not thousands of thriving Amazon businesses I have a copy of JungleScout my self on my Chrome browser   It is a super interesting interview because you can now use the tool to reverse engineer supply chains - you don’t want to miss this one! Here are six things I personally learnt from Greg on this interview:   Thriving businesses understand their numbers and make data-backed decisions. You can use JungleScout’s data to find the factories of top brands The unit economics of Amazon has changed - work on a cost to sales price ratio of 1:4  3rd party selling is now 60% of Amazon. The new way to source for winning products on Amazon is to find top selling products (500 units per month or more) with bad reviews (3.5 stars or less) What drives sales on Amazon are reviews and the price of products

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