Birds Under The Sun! How do Birds Lay eggs? How do penguins find their way home? Why do birds run away from humans?

Everything Under The Sun

By Molly Oldfield

Birds Under The Sun! How do Birds Lay eggs? How do penguins find their way home? Why do birds run away from humans?

Friday, 12 April

Birds! Birds! Birds! Welcome to episode twenty one of Everything Under the Sun, a weekly podcast answering all the most pressing questions children around the world have about life on earth. This week the show is all about birds, nests and eggs!

Before we start there is EXCITING NEWS!

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So what questions about BIRDS do we have this week?

Our first question is about bird EGGS and comes from Henry, he would like to know, “How do Birds Lay eggs?” Find out about a bit in bird’s bottoms called a Cloaca and how they lay eggs as well as what the study of birds is called and which two mammals lay eggs. What do you think the world’s smallest bird egg could be? How abut the biggest? Or the biggest ever known? You’ll find out in this weeks show!  

Next up we have Ben who would like to know, “How do penguins find their way home?”To answer Ben’s question I have got Dr Alex Bond, who is a curator at the Natural History Museum and knows lots about birds, including penguins! You’ll also find out about a volcanic island near Antarctica, home to 1.5 million penguins and how the penguins there find their own family when they come back from looking for fish out at sea. It’s featured in my new kids book, Natural Wonders of the World. 

Our final bird question for this week comes from Orson, his question is, “Why do birds run away from humans?”The answer comes from Joe Grosel, who is an ecologist and tour guide for incredible bird watching trips in Southern Africa, so he knows everything about birds and things they do. So he’s the perfect person to answer Orson’s question! 


I hope you enjoy the show! And keep your eyes out for beautiful birds this week!


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