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3. Food, fannies and being funny with Arabella Weir

3. Food, fannies and being funny with Arabella Weir

By Helen Thorn

"Have you seen the undercarriage?"

Who do we have this week? It’s only bloody Arabella Weir! The legendary comedian, actress and writer is best known for Fast Show and Grumpy Old Women as well as for her bestselling books, including Does My Bum Look Big in This? and The Real Me Is Thin. Helen talks to Arabella about being labelled ‘too fat for potatoes’ as a child, comedy as a defence mechanism, crash dieting and the behaviour of a particularly disgraceful man…

You can follow Arabella Weir @ArabellaWeir on Twitter and Instagram. Her amazing books can be found in all good book shops and she’s also doing a run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year so do catch her if there's any tickets left! 

Fat Lot of Good is presented by Helen Thorn and produced by Maddie Hickish. The theme tune was composed by John Thorn with jingles by Simon Toner. 

Helen is on instagram @helenwearsasize18 and Twitter @helen_thorn. 

You can find Maddie @maddiehickish on both instagram and twitter. 

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