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1. Body confidence and female pleasure with Style Me Sunday

1. Body confidence and female pleasure with Style Me Sunday

By Helen Thorn

This week we are very lucky to be joined in the studio by Natalie Lee, a.k.a. Style Me Sunday! Natalie talks to Helen about being raised in a yo-yo diet culture, encouraging her children to celebrate blackness and the #fridayfinger…

Natalie specialises in ‘fashion with feeling’ on instagram and her blog, curates the empowering ’Warrior Women’ events and co-hosts the Everything Project podcast on Soho Radio. Basically, she’s an inspiration to us all. You can follow Natalie @Stylemesunday on Twitter and Instagram. Natalie also recommends the influencer Grace Victory, who you can find at @GraceFVictory on twitter and instagram.

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Fat Lot of Good is presented by Helen Thorn and produced by Maddie Hickish. The theme tune was composed by John Thorn with jingles by Simon Toner.

Helen is on instagram @helenwearsasize18 and Twitter @helen_thorn.

You can find Maddie @maddiehickish on both instagram and twitter.

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