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35 Jenny Bede, A Wild West Murder & Chicken Trauma

35 Jenny Bede, A Wild West Murder & Chicken Trauma

By Drunk Women Solving Crime

In this episode (which no one can remember recording) the evidence of some brilliant crime cracking and an epic evening at Drunk Women Towers is here for you to... errr... hear.

Comedian, actor & writer Jenny Bede showed what a pro she was, by doing just enough pre-drinking to ensure she wasn't behind the curve of her fellow sleuths and for helping the others get-to-grips with some grisly murders, Wild West style.

Jenny also shared a crime, which is unusual, harrowing and will make you think twice before having the window view in a restaurant and this week's listener crime will have anyone called 'Alan' looking over their shoulder.

Also the Drunk Women are going to the Edinburgh Fringe 2019!

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