Episode 80: Jim Abbott | 10-Year MLB Veteran Pitcher

Episode 80: Jim Abbott | 10-Year MLB Veteran Pitcher

By Richmond Weaver

Episode 80: Jim Abbott | 10-Year MLB Veteran Pitcher

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Show Notes:

Rich Spotlight: Jim Abbott Continues to workout but focuses more on cardio than weights and feels that he should have focused more on flexibility during his playing days One of the biggest challenges of being a starting pitcher is maintaining positivity after a bad performance because you have to wait until you get to play again Seemed to be friends with the guys in the clubhouse who were pranksters like Robin Ventura Growing up in Flint, MI sports was a big part of the community and he wanted to be involved but often times felt lonely due to his disability of being born without a right hand Could always throw things but even as a major league pitcher he had self-doubt of his ability Some of the toughest hitters he faced were George Brett, Edgar Martinez, and Dave Henderson Game before September 4, 1993 was a very poor performance so for this game vs. the Indians Jim didn’t have any expectations and it wasn’t until almost the 7th inning that he realized he was working on a no-hitter The no-hitter was one of the most special days in his life and wishes that everyone could experience the electricity of NYC after a special sporting moment Loves watching sports, loves the competition of sports and how it’s a window into someone’s life Words of Wisdom from Jim Abbott: “Just embrace it and don’t take things for granted.”

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Jim Abbott’s Autobiography: Imperfect: An Improbable Life

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