Episode 48: Nick Schultz | Former 15-Year NHL Veteran

Episode 48: Nick Schultz | Former 15-Year NHL Veteran

By Richmond Weaver

Episode 48: Nick Schultz | Former 15-year NHL Veteran

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Show Notes:

Rich Spotlight: Nick Schultz Silverstick given to him for playing in his 1,000th NHL game is tucked away in his basement and is a special award Growing up in a small town in western Canada, hockey just became a part of his life early in his childhood with baseball in the summer and hockey the rest of the year Moved away as a teenager part of the year to be able to compete against better competition Realized that the NHL could be a part of his future around 18-19 years old and was drafted in the 2000 NHL Entry NHL Draft by the expansion team Minnesota Wild Would spend 10 years in Minnesota helping the Wild reach the Western Conference Finals against the Anaheim Ducks Grew up an Edmonton Oilers fan and was traded to Edmonton and was a special moment but his fonded memories were in Minnesota Finished out his career in Philadelphia after the 2017 season and now is enjoying the time with his family while easing into what the next chapter looks like for him and his family Lessons learned from sports involves the understanding to  of being part of a team and learning how to care for others, being a good teammate, and being there for others Words of Wisdom from Nick Schultz: “For young kids, don’t take things for granted and every day you have to work hard to prove your spot regardless of what you do. Don’t get ahead of yourself, keeping working hard and enjoy the ride in whatever it may be.”

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