Episode 46: Sharone Wright | Former NBA Lottery Pick & 2-Time All-ACC Selection

Episode 46: Sharone Wright | Former NBA Lottery Pick & 2-Time All-ACC Selection

By Richmond Weaver

Episode 46: Sharone Wright | Former NBA Lottery Pick & Clemson University 2-Time All-ACC Selection

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Show Notes:

Rich Spotlight: Sharone Wright Many people don’t believe that he had a role in the movie Space Jam with Michael Jordan until they see the credits and he still receives royalty checks His agent was David Falk who was Michael Jordan’s agent and that allowed him access to many things like the opportunity to have a role in Space Jam He was always around the game of basketball during his childhood because his dad had played at Savannah St. and had won a state championship in high school Dan Roundfield of the Atlanta Hawks was influential in his development as his AAU coach Immediately fell in love with Clemson during his visit even though initially he had no interest in visiting as he was intending to play at Duke Family and friends gave him significant support during his senior year in high school after his dad was killed the same day he signed with Clemson Cliff Ellis the head coach at Clemson was also one of the main reasons he signed with Clemson and then Coach Ellis was influential in his decision to leave Clemson early for the NBA He was the 6th Overall Pick in the 1994 NBA Draft by the Philadelphia 76ers which was a team he grew up following because he modeled his game after the former 76ers center Moses Malone Requested a trade after his 2nd season in Philadelphia and was traded to the Toronto Raptors as he wanted to be in a better environment A car wreck in July 1997 in Macon, GA derailed his NBA career due to significant injuries to his left arm Continued a playing career in Europe & Asia but initially had a difficult transition due to the loneliness of being in foreign countries Maintains a basketball presence with AAU teams and his basketball school “Wright Hoops School” Words of Wisdom from Sharone Wright: “Even if someone says that they won’t pay you for what you’re passionate about, still go do it because it could be a blessing for someone else.”

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