Episode 41: Edwin McCain | Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter

Episode 41: Edwin McCain | Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter

By Richmond Weaver

Episode 41: Edwin McCain | Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter

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Show Notes:

Rich Spotlight: Edwin McCain Huge NFL fan and favorite team is New England Patriots Loved playing sports at an early age growing up in South Carolina Music has always been a big part of his life and started playing at clubs at 15 Playing at fraternities in the south with Hootie and the Blowfish and Dave Matthews Band is when the true music journey started Timing was a big factor in musical career with a lot of luck Singing the National Anthem for the AFC Championship game in January 2017 for the New England Patriots is one of his biggest thrills Continues to focus on giving back and especially in Greenville, SC where the city has given him so much Words of Wisdom from Edwin McCain: “Your ability to succeed in life is in direct proportion to your ability to ask for help.”

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