Episode 40: George Hincapie | Former Pro Cyclist & 17-Time Tour de France Finisher

Episode 40: George Hincapie | Former Pro Cyclist & 17-Time Tour de France Finisher

By Richmond Weaver

Episode 40: George Hincapie | Former Professional Cyclist & 17-Time Tour de France Finisher

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Rich Take On Sports

Show Notes:

Rich Spotlight: George Hincapie Unsure how many total miles he has ridden on a bike in his career First memory on a bicycle was his sister’s bike learning how to ride but he didn’t really enjoy riding until later on while riding on the weekends with his dad Didn’t play other sports growing up and had challenges fitting in as a teenager until he reached a higher level and people recognized his greatness Had a difficult transition as pro early on because it was hard to adjust to living in a foreign country with language barriers and the cultural differences His strengths were the super intense 1-day races with long distances Knowing his strengths helped ensure a long professional career Winning a stage in the 2006 Tour de France was a special moment but there are many special moments from his career Performance Enhancing Drugs were prevalent during his early professional days and the pressure to compete led to his use but making the decision to ride clean has been a focal point for him as he passes on his wisdom to young riders Feels that the sport of cycling is making great progress and strides regarding PED’s and feels very confident that the sport will only continue to increase in popularity Focuses now on his team of riders, Hincapie Sportswear, and his hotel endeavor with Hotel Domestique Words of Wisdom from George Hincapie: “In all walks of life, you must block doubtful thoughts in order to get the best performance from your body.”

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